I’m Merry B. Sober, and I’m out of “Drink Tickets”. (December, 2016)

In the Fall of 2016, I set out to create a life where I could SHINE and SPARKLE — really live a fully brilliant life with purpose –be the best I could be.  I just wasn’t completely ready to “break up” with my friends: Chilled Martini, Bubbly Champagne, and Wicked Wine.

Red Flags such as: over indulgence, counting cocktails, fuzzy memory, …and pondering a buzz drive home…gave way to questions like:

  • What message am I sending to my teenagers?
  • When am I going to grow up and stop trying the same bad ideas over and over again?
  • How is this really affecting my long term health?
  • Where the F&@# is this road going?

I am a smart intelligent grown woman.  Why diminish even one moment of my life?  I want to be happy …and SPARKLE…be Sizzle-icious.

I’d been alcohol free for 25 months a few years back.  I had already proven to myself it is possible.  It was time to declare…and then commit daily through journaling…and so this blog was born.

How did I name it?  Holiday theme…Christmas Song…

Merry (Happy) and Bright (fit the Shiny Sparkle theme)…and SOBER.  Available on WordPress…Boom… off and running…and then the site asked for an email address.

I want to be publicly accessible…but for my teenagers sake, (and probably a little fear of my own) I wasn’t ready to tie this to my “Real Life”.

I will say this… My name is Mary..(I’m 55, …and a Leo….)

So, I really got a kick out of playing with my blog name (for a related email address) and coming up with:

Merry B. Sober 

Serendipity: the occurrence and developments of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way.

Contact me:  MerryBSober@gmail.com