Merry B…

I’m feeling an urge to move higher…wider….deeper than … just… b.sober

I am going to expand my “being”.  Sober is a one of many pillars that will build my foundation.  But … I want to B more.  I want to go in search of bright brilliance.  I want to radiate.


It’s a new season – summer.  A new quarter to explore and learn and grow.

My path has led to Kundalini Yoga and I’ve begun the journey with Guru Jabat and her online course on Mind Body Green:  Kundalini Yoga101.

Shout out to Dr. Sara Gottfried and her latest book:  The Brain Body Diet.  Dr G’s “sharings” led me to checking out the class on mgb.

I’m intrigued.  I’m curious.  I’m engaged with GB and her class.  She is a magnet in ways I didn’t imagine. I could be a groupie!  I’ve never had a crush on a rockstar.  If asked who in the world I would want to have “dinner” with…she would be the gal.  Calm.  Funny.  Engaging.  Glowing.

I want to glow.  I decided to become a “Goddess in Training”


So in looking for an image … I found there is an “actual” program: Warrior Goddess Training.  Maybe all we need to do is ask for what we want and “google” can lead us to it?  

LOL…off to check it out.

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