Merry B Sober 101

101 Days … Uninterrupted Sobriety.  No cocktails.  No dulling drunk moments.

I am…

  1. Enjoying amazing sleep and waking up refreshed and eager to start my day.
  2. Feeling vibrant.
  3. Not interested in dulling my senses.
  4. Finding inspiration and creativity for many aspects of my life.

Love this post by Hannah Kingston…she mentions many things I am also finding beneficial to my alcohol free world.

I am ready to fly… (and literally pondering getting a pilot’s license).

Excited for new day, new month, new season….

2 thoughts on “Merry B Sober 101

  1. 101 days already?? Wow. To think I started with you the first time. Failed. Failed the second. But I’m on Day 11 for my 3rd go at this this year! Congratulations! Will check out that post. Oh, and go fly!! I flew as a kid. Here is a great organization of women pilots to get connected with if you ever get the chance! Have fun!

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    1. Keep at it my friend… I loved the words of Annie Grace a few posts ago which alluded to the fact that we have to stop worrying about “consecutive” days… sober days…ARE… Sober Days! 🙂


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