It’s April 1, 2019… some call it April Fools Day.

I’m grateful I am no longer fooled by the crap society has been feeding me about alcohol consumption.  “Wine is good for health”… A reread of this post reminds me that NO ALCOHOL at all… is the healthiest option.

Building off of Functioning Guzzler’s post, I recalled a pondering in our blog world regarding drinking and international economics.

Imagine Las Vegas, a town lubricated by alcohol 24/7.  Could the be fiscally sound if there was no alcohol to diminish inhibitions to gamble hard earned money away?

I cannot think of very many public events that do not have alcohol: sporting arenas, concert venues, even most movie theaters.  Golf Courses, Ski Lodges, Bowling Alleys,  and Pool Halls.  What about tours at Beer Gardens, and Vineyards.  Then there is vacation:  Cruise Ships, Resorts, Hotel Lobbies… what other jobs could those people do if they are not serving cocktails?  There is so much Fu**ing alcohol swirling around in our society.

I just spent a weekend in a new town with a large group.  As I sampled various Sparkling Waters, there was a lot of drinking.  Every meal had a drinking option.  As the weekend went on… everyone started complaining about how poorly they slept the night before…I was so happy to feel fresh and awake each day (even while nursing a cold).  But it all just reminded me of how much of an economic adjustment it would take if everyone realized that liquor is NOT a health enhancer.

What if everyone just stopped ordering alcohol?





2 thoughts on “Foolish

  1. I love this post and am totally on board with the alcohol BS. The markers of this world are making a fortune and we, the people, are being sucked right in. Thank you for writing – this is a helpful reminder for me.

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