Merry B Sober FOUR months


I can’t believe the calendar has flown by another month.

As I write, I am trying not to feel extreme guilt for not being active in this blog community.  You all gave me so much support and a feeling of “belonging” for my first 60+ days… now as I move toward this new “norm” in my life…I can’t help but feel torn between staying connected to this blog, and just simply living …sober.

It hasn’t been a “bite your nails” type of month.  I am still secure in my “never again” evolution.  I certainly have had adventures that in my Past Habit Haze would have fully justified thousands of cocktails.

My 15 Year Old Freshman asked to be homeschooled.  We are on Week 4.  It has been a challenge to balance “his idea” of school, with my Masters in Education degree.  I always considered myself a maverick-outside the box type of educator…but this has been a stretch in my belief and values.  As a Life Long Learner I can only say..Bring it ON! {No way in hell I could have considered this path if I had not already been almost 100 days sober}

My 16 Year Old Sophomore is learning to drive.  That could drive anyone to drink (he really is actually a very good driver!)

My 18 Year Old Senior competed in a 70.3 race.  We made a weekend of it, there were cocktails, but I was so glad I could be PRESENT the night before when she needed me (which was erratic).  The old me, would have been buzzed and celebratory, and not 100% there for her.  I’m excited that I will be PRESENT for all the lead up to her leaving for college.  Being in the party rollercoaster does not make for “stable emotional responses.”

My Husband is stressed out!  (He hasn’t caught on to the wonderful world of long term sobriety.  He lasts about 2 days…Monday and Tuesday…then by Wednesday…he has night cap.)  I’m better able to not get frustrated when he is losing his noodle.

I’m in the last ten weeks of my own educational journey in Nutrition Coaching.  I feel I am at least walking the talk of a path to better health.

Jotting this all down for myself… time is flying.  (That is not to say that some days are not extremely long…and as I prepare to attend a wedding for my goddaughter this weekend – her mom is one of my long standing multi-decade party pals…I’m using all the tools in my toolbox!!!)

For any readers, know that I think of all of you often and wish you peace in your journey.