6th Day…Experiment with Protein


What do you do to get protein in your diet?  This question can get so many replies and cause great debate at your next Mock-Cocktail Combo Party.

Vegans, Paleos, Atkins Fans, Vegetarians, Raw Foodies, Cave Creatures, and Fisherman all have different opinions and favorite recipes.

I’m a meat eater….that works for me now…but it might not later in life.  We all have foods that give us strength and energy …and foods that weaken and wreck havoc (for me that is alcohol/sugars, chocolate…and I think dairy…oh yeah…and i can’t do caffeine AT ALL).

Check out this great article from Institute of Integrative Nutrition:

Bio-Individuality: 5 Ways to Get Protein for 5 Different Diets


5th Day of Christmas…EAT LEAFY GREENS


On the 5th Day of Christmas my Health Guru reminded me…

{Sing along by replacing this 5th day with “Five Golden Rings”}

  • Sweet Veggies too
  • More Whole Grains
  • Cook Your Food
  • …and Hydration is Key for Me

The darker the greens the better.  Like the rainbow veggies, it is suggested we try and eat as many hues of green as possible.

Check out the Leafy Greens grown on the Space Station


3rd Day of Christmas…More Whole Grains


On the 3rd Day of Christmas my Health Guru reminded me…

  • More Whole Grains
  • Cook Your Food
  • …and Hydration is Key For Me!

When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, I agreed to join her on a gluten free diet.  {Oddly, or not… this was the time period that I went for my 25 month run…felt great…then thought I had magically become a “Moderate” drinker… NOPE}

Gluten Free Living cuts out wheat, barley, and rye (oats unless certified GF)… the breads that I had been traditionally taught were whole grains.  I was very familiar with eating rice…and that became a major replacement staple.

As we experimented more we were introduced to:

  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat


Click HERE for a good post describing 11 Gluten Free Grains.

One thing that we have learned, is that soaking grains for a few hours makes them even easier to digest.  Many of them are made just like rice with water to grain ratios.

Here a few fun Holiday recipes to try:

Food & Wine – Holiday Quinoa and Cranberry Salad

Elizabeth Rider – Pomegranate, Kale & Quinoa Salad

Relish – Spicy Millet Salad with Snowpeas

Food52 – Millet Salad with Tumeric Vinaigrette 

Fp/Julie – Rustic Buckwheat Apple Cake

2nd Day of Christmas…Cook Your Food


Time to get Chopping!!!

With new businesses such as Postdates (i will give credit to a brilliant idea) that will deliver anything and everything to you… it is even easier to avoid cooking your own food.

With two teenage – “trash can eaters”… who can order candy delivered from convenience stores and fried food/soda pop to be delivered from any fast food restaurant… I’m really on a mission to cook fresh home cooked food (the only saving grace is that their pocket money only allows them an occasional order…the delivery fee is ridiculous IMHO…but until they can drive or decide they want to spend their money differently…oh well..gotta let them make some less than brilliant decisions).

As for me… I can get lazy a pop open a “healthy” can of soup… and keep the pots and pans clean.

…But it is really such a better experience for me when I cut the veggies, sauté them in grass fed butter, add homemade stock and get all the senses of smelling the added herbs, hearing the sizzle of onions, seeing the beautiful colors as I ladle it into a bowl, touching the spoon, and tasting the healthy yummy broth.

I must be hungry…

  • On the 2nd Day of Christmas my Health Guru reminded me…Cook Your Food…
  • …and Hydration is Key for Me.

12 Days of Christmas…On the First Day


On the First Day of Christmas …My Health Guru Reminded Me… 


I grew up Catholic…somewhere along the way in my Religious Education we were taught that The 12 Days of Christmas were a secret code for Catholics.

In England from  mid 1500-1800s, Catholics were not allowed to practice.

“This song gave them a chance to teach their kids knowledge of the saints and doctrine in a secret code when the Protestants were cracking down on the Catholics.”

The song was a metaphor for some of the symbols and beliefs of the Church.

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree,” symbolising God (true love) and Jesus Christ (the partridge).

Click here for the others

After posting the other day…I decided to tweek the song to start my new health awareness kick.  I sorta worked it into the tune. Sing Along...

On the first day of Christmas my Health Guru reminded me…Hydration is Key for ME.

Drink Up!  Ho Ho  (My lame attempt at H20….two Ho’s)  LOL

PreParty Redefined


Back in the teen days and young adult years, a night out included pre-party cocktails.  Getting ready equated started the buzz humming.

I’m entertaining 24 peeps tonight, a majority are of drinking age.

Instead of worrying about the alcohol, this year I put my energies into some other party details:


In the past, the adults drink, and the kids entertain themselves.  We get separated and it would seem logical that the kiddos would begin to be programmed that the way into the adult circle is to become a DRINKER.  This has me a bit unsettled (frankly rattled…but I will reflect more on THAT POINT after the holidays.)

My Mom is a funster, and put together a fun After Thanksgiving Dinner game last month.  LEFT RIGHT CENTER.  Everyone needs to start with three markers, coins,….and I decided to play with dollars.  New Pre-Party item is born:  Go to the Bank to get Dollar Bills.


I’m concocting a Christmas Eve Brew – non-alcoholic of course.  At the punch station, I will provide: mineral water, sparkling fruit juices, and some champagne.



  • Organic Lemonade
  • Cranberry Juice Concentrate to pink it up
  • Ice Cubes…


Saw a pic somewhere, and made some cranberry and thyme ice cubes last week.  They were  a bit of a disaster…when they melt, there are miniature tree branches floating in the glass.  LOL.  I will add them to my punch, since no one will be sipping off the top.



After rethinking it… I am determined to having something fun floating in my holiday cheer.  I’m going to make some lemon juice cubes with lemon rind to melt and add flavor to my sparkling water tonight.



I have, for obvious reasons, had so much more energy these last couple of weeks.  Although some of this may seem trivial, this is really my own record/diary to remind myself of how much BRIGHTER things have been…even with rain and gray skies.  I was eager to start my day yesterday, ended up going to a 5;45 workout, then hit Target at 7am opening…and it was empty and quiet and found some fun decorations for my appetizer table.  A friend and I scooted out to the Farmers Market and found this red chard.  Who would have thought it would make such a colorful Christmas vase?


I BELIEVE I have found my key to joy and happiness and fulfillment:  SOBRIETY.

Happy Christmas Eve

Good “Stuff” from THE WEEK

I’ve subscribed to THE WEEK for almost 10 years.  (Makes a FANTASTIC gift if you are struggling an need another idea for THAT relative) It’s a weekly wrap up of top news in the  USA and International “All you need to know about everything that matters” is their tagline.  Cartoons…recipes…book and movie reviews…more…lots of Good Stuff.

The final issue for 2016 Highlights for Health Science listed….(click to read!)

Some of the Things They Said Were Good For Us


…and Some of the Things Were Told to Avoid

Guess what was the first item on the Avoid List?…Yep… ALCOHOL.

A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that booze is the second most deadly drug in the U.S., behind only tobacco. Between 2002 and 2014, alcohol-related deaths surged 37 percent; drinking now accounts for more fatalities than overdoses from prescription painkillers and heroin combined. Other research found that alcohol is a direct cause of at least seven forms of cancer, and that the more people drink, the worse their odds.

Sobering Statistics.

Health Energy Clarity Wealth

unknown…with postitive radiance as opposed to:


As a Drinker, I gain weight, procrastinate, forget, and waste money.  Oh, there’s a lot of other bad habits I probably could name, -that I would and could beat myself up about…but these four seemed to make up a little rhyme in my mind.  (And I don’t want to focus on negative anymore…I’m trying to be bright and positive)

I am a relatively healthy person.  I’m in my early 50s, I am within 10 pounds of my optimal weight, I can walk miles and miles with ease, make it though just about any workout class, stay hydrated…I seek out organic food and pasture-raised protein and cook my own meals…contemplate the idea of  meditation.  LOL.   I have even educated others about health.  When I published a natural living magazine, I was on my 25 month Sobriety Session…as I look back,it was as I was selling it that I starting sipping again.  Hmmmmm….

My grandparents lived into their mid-late 90s, my great-grandmother lived to 100.  I’m planning to be here for a long time.  I’m only at the halfway mark.

I want to live a balanced life.

When Googling: Wellness Wheel (images) and there are many beautiful collections of colorful rainbow circles labeled with categories we need to attempt to balance for optimal personal wellness.  Some include:

  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Financial

IIN has a Circle of Life

I like the this action-oriented wheel from IIN:


  1. Drink More Water
  2. Practice Cooking
  3. Increase Whole Grains
  4. Increase Sweet Vegetables
  5. Increase Leafy Green Vegetables
  6. Experiment with Protein
  7. Eat Fewer Processed Foods
  8. Make a Habit of Nurturing Your Body
  9. Have Healthy Relationships
  10. Enjoy Regular Physical Activity
  11. Find Work You Love
  12. Develop a Spiritual Practice

A DOZEN good things for ME.

  • 12 Days of Christmas start soon……
  • 12 Months of 2017……

I’m pondering some purposeful goal setting for myself.